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April 27, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - April 27th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - April 27th, 22

Day 117: YOU ARE DEAR TO GOD Our readings today are II Samuel 3, I Chronicles 12, and Matthew 15.


Our readings today are II Samuel 3, I Chronicles 12, and Matthew 15.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

A group of Pharisees and a solitary Gentile woman come to Jesus and Jesus seems to offend them both.  Or so it would seem, at first. The Pharisees are offended for sure.  Peter tells us, Do you realize you offended the Pharisees by what you just said? (Matt 15:12 NLT) Jesus has criticized their traditions? And, as for the Gentile woman, on the face of things it seems that she would be offended, too.  But, though the Pharisees take offense, the woman does not.

Jesus calls the Pharisees blind guides and hypocrites. They come to Jesus in unbelief and in their own righteousness. They don’t come with any sense of need, other than their need to justify themselves.  They come to him, in fact, to point out his seeming wrong.  In contrast, the Gentile woman, seemingly, has plenty to take offense at.  Any kind of comparison between a woman and a dog can not be good.  Yet, Jesus calls her a dear woman ( I DON’T THINK HE IS BEING SNYDE HERE, I READ THIS AS SINCERE, SHE IS DEAR TO HER, AND WE WILL SEE THIS BY THE TIME THE STORY IS TOLD JUST HOW DEAR SHE PROVES TO BE).  Jesus is teaching here, contrasting the Pharisees and this dear woman.  This woman doesn’t come in her righteousness, like the Pharisees.  She doesn’t come trying to justify herself.  No, she comes in humility, in desperate need, in faith, for the love of her daughter.  She comes, ready to worship him.  

The Pharisees left the way they came:  still thinking jesus wasn’t living up to their standard of holiness, still not saying and doing the right things, still not washing his hands the way their tradition and reading of the bible said was the only way.  They left offended, blind and empty.  The Gentile woman leaves completely different from the way she came.  She leaves knowing that she is dear to God. She wasn’t adhearing to any of the so called right ways of living, and yet, She leaves with a heart that is full and a daughter that is delivered. She leaves, knowing God, and knowing that He knows her.

Live in faith, humility, and ready to receive all that God has for you.  Give up on trying to justify yourself and depending on your own righteousness.  Recognize that Christ is the one who can make you righteous, meet your needs, and He is the one that calls you Dear.  Know that you are dear to him. He is the source of your righteousness and deliverance.