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Aug. 31, 2020

August 31st, 20

August 31st, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Ezekiel 15 - 16, Psalm 70 and Revelation 6

Is there any betrayal as great as that between a husband and wife? Betrayal and unfaithfulness are as deep as a wound can get.  Over and over, God describes his heart towards us as a husband who has lost his wife.  God doesn’t allow us to think of him like a faceless, feelingless, detached, or unseen entity.  No. Our God says that his heart breaks for us like a husband who has been betrayed. The love that’s due him, has been taken from him and given to idols.  So, like a jealous husband, he’s going to put an end to all these idols, these rival suitors.  He’s going to do all he can to restore this love that’s been lost.  Is it any wonder that the culminating image of the Bible is that of a wedding feast.  God’s going to claim his wayward bride back.  He’s going to remarry her.  She will be new, the world will be new, and you and I will be new.  The husband is making all things new.  This is a passionate love story and the language is unsettling and disturbing at times.  It’s the language of a husband who is doing everything he can to restore what was lost.  

Live, awakened today, to the deep leep love of Jesus.  He has gone to every length possible, to restore us to himself and make us new.