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Aug. 11, 2020

August 11th, 20

August 11th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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 Come, let’s be going.

Today’s readings are Jeremiah 10-12 and John 14.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

Jesus parting words in chapter 14 are  Come, let’s be going.  These are such practical words, nothing obtuse, no great mystery.  He’s simply telling them, You, follow me now.

I love that he ends on such a pedestrian, common, straight-forward command, to come and follow him - because the beginning of this chapter is anything but.  Earlier in the chapter he is telling his disciples exactly who he is.  He begins to reveal to them perhaps the deepest mysteries of the Trinity:  that he is in the Father and the Father is in him.  And that the Holy Spirit will come when he is no longer here, and be the Advocate.   We will live in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will live in us.  Amazing mysteries are being explained here.  And it’s no wonder that Thomas and Philip are scratching their heads.  They’re wondering:  Lord, we don’t know where you’re going…. if you would just show us the Father,  and maybe slow down, and explain things a little better to us, we wouldn’t be worried.  We wouldn’t be anxious.  But Jesus simply says to them, Come let’s be going. It’s as if he’s saying, I’ll explain this to you and later you’ll understand. Later you’ll remember these words that I’ve spoken to you.  But right now you need to come and go with me.  

And isn’t that just like our life of faith?   There’s  so much we don’t understand, so much that we want further explanation and greater clarity on. And yet, the command that comes to us, by the abiding Spirit’s presence within us, is Come, let’s be going.  In effect, he’s saying,  Come, follow me.

What does our obedience and loyalty and love to this King of ours boil down to?  Basically, loving him boils down to following him when we hear him say, Come, let’s be going.  In following Him  we are able to experience his peace of mind and heart. In obedience, we find strength, joy, and confidence. In our obedience we experience the gifts that he has for us in this life.  We experience the Way the Truth and the Life.  All of this comes when we respond to His call to Come, let’s be going.

Heed His words to Come, let’s be going.  Follow him today. Hear his words to you, and respond to his presence in your life.   Rest in him and know His peace, confidence and joy for you.  Hear him say, Come let’s be going.  Let’s get on with it and move forward. Let’s face this day together.